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My English: Exercises - Proficiency 05

01 A: _______________ ? B: No, I haven′t.

Has Anna met Richard?
You look familiar. Have we met before?
Has Anna been to Richard′s party?
Anna, have you met Richard?
How have you been?
02 A: Have you _______________ been to Rio? B: No, never.

03 A: Have you eaten japanese food _______________ ? B: I′ve _______________ tried sushi. But I haven′t tried sashimi _______________ .

04 _______________ she _______________ pictures of the Statue of Liberty?

05 What would you rather see a comedy or a drama?

Yes, I would.
I′d rather not.
Actually, not much.
It doesn′t matter to me.
I don′t like comedy.
06 A: _______________ ? B: She has lived here since 1995.

Has she been here long?
Has she just arrived here?
Where have you lived in the last 10 years?
How long has she lived here?
How long have you lived here?
07 A: What do you think of Brad Pitt? B: _______________ .

That′s what makes the world go ′round!
He′s my favorite movie star.
It doesn′t matter to me.
Not mine.
I hate drama.
08 "Finding Nemo" is a great _______________ . I′ve seen it three times _______________ .

documentary / yet
animated movie / still
animated movie / so far
horror movie / so far
musical / already
09 A: Hello? I′d like to speak to Robert Smith. He′s a guest. B: _______________ .

Yes, thanks.
Is that all?
Please tell him Tim Klein called.
I′ll call her today.
I′ll ring that room for you.
10 A: By the way, is the restaurant still open? B: _______________ .

I′d rather hurry.
Yes, but you′d better hurry.
You′d better not hurry.
I′ll call him.
Here′s my card.
11 A: Could someone _______________ the beds for me? B: Sure! I′ll send someone up immediately.

bring up
turn down
make up
12 Sarah is going to share a hotel room with a friend. She needs a _______________ .

double room
single room
car rental service
shoe shine service
room service
13 A: How did the accident happen? B: _______________ .

I′ll only have to replace a headlight.
I′m going too fast when I hit a parked car.
I was going too fast when I hit a parked car.
There wasn′t any damage.
The car was making noise.
14 A: _______________. B: Yes, sir. Anything else?

What time can I pick it up?
We can do the service on Friday.
I can′t turn the headlights on.
Fill it up with regular, please.
The car is ready.
15 The light that indicates the direction you want to turn is the _______________ .

side-view mirror
16 My car needs service. I′ll _______________ .

fill it up
turn it off
drop it off at the service station
pick it up at the service station
turn it on
17 A: Your flight is delayed. B: _______________ .

Oh no! How long will I have to wait?
Oh really? Can I charge it to my room?
Oh no! Thats a lot more than I want to spend.
Sounds great, Id appreciate it.
Terrific, thanks for your help.
18 Julie uses _______________ shampoo every day.

a lot of
a few
19 A: Would it be possible to get a manicure in the meantime? B: _______________ .

Certainly, but there′s someone ahead of you.
She′s running a little late.
How long will I have to wait?
I don′t have an appointment.
Yes, thanks.
20 A: " My back aches! I exercised a lot yesterday." B: _______________ .

You should get a pedicure.
You should get a manicure.
You should buy a body lotion.
You should buy sunscreen.
You should get a massage.

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