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My English: Exercises - Proficiency 04

01 A: Can you come for dinner this evening? B: _______________ .

I can′t cook.
I have to go to the doctor this afternoon.
No, I can′t. I have to work late.
No, I don′t.
Sorry, I can. I have to work late.
02 A: _______________ ? B: She goes to the gym twice a week and runs every Saturday.

How often do you exercise?
How often does your sister exercise?
Where does your sister exercise?
When do you exercise?
Is she going to the gym this Saturday?
03 Where are you going this weekend?

I always go to the park on weekends.
I like to go to the park.
I′m playing tennis tonight.
In the morning.
To the park.
04 I usually eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. I _______________ .

am in shape.
am out of shape.
avoid fruits.
have a sweet tooth.
eat junk food.
05 A: Do you have this sweater in a smaller size? B: _______________ .

The sweater is smaller than the jacket.
That′s too bad!
No, we don′t. The blue sweater is smaller.
Yes, we do. The blue sweater is smaller.
Yes, it′s fine.
06 How would you like to pay for the loafers?

They′re $80.
Charge, please.
Yes, I would.
No, thanks.
07 They bought the white polo shirts. They bought _______________ .

08 A windbreaker is a kind of _______________ .

09 A: How was your trip? B: _______________ .

That′s good.
Yes, it was.
It was pretty nice.
They were pretty boring.
I′m fine.
10 A: _______________ ? B: I was at my parents′ beach huse.

Were you at your parents′ beach house last weekend?
How long were you there?
When were you at your parents′ beach house?
Where were you last weekend?
Did you have a nice vaction?
11 A: What did your friends do on their last vacation? B: _______________ .

He flew to Cancun.
They went to the beach.
They have a good time.
He spent his vacation in Cancun.
They arrived last week.
12 Which statement doesn′t describe a problem?

The people were friendly.
The weather was terrible.
They canceled my flight.
Someone stole my wallet.
The waiters were unfriendly.
13 A: Can we make the 2:00 bus to Los Angeles? B: _______________ .

You could take the local.
What should we do?
No, I′m sorry. It left 15 minutes ago.
You shouldn′t take the local.
Yes, sure. It left 15 minutes ago.
14 A: _______________ ? B: On July 2nd.

Where are you going to arrive?
What time do you get in?
What date are you arriving?
Where did you arrive?
What time are you arriving?
15 Which statement DOESN′T describe a TRANSPORTATION problem?

We got bumped from the flight.
We missed our train.
He had mechanical problems.
It rained all the time.
They had an accident.
16 A: When should we leave for the airport? B: _______________

You should leave 3 hours before departure.
You should leave from the taxi stand.
You shouldn′t take the express bus.
You should get the ticket in advance.
Yes, you should.
17 A: I saw many movies last month. They′re all very good. B: Which one is _______________?

More difficult
The most difficult
The easiest
More interesting
The most interesting
18 Choose the statement that has a similar meaning: The DVD player is too big.

The DVD player isn′t big enough.
The DVD player isn′t small enough.
It′s the biggest DVD player in the store.
It′s the smallest DVD player in the store.
The DVD player isn′t light enough.
19 A: This dress is a bargain. It′s only $20. B: Sure. It′s _______________.

Not cheap enough
So cheap
Too expensive
Expensive enough
Heavy enough
20 An MP3 player is _______________ than a portable CD player.

The most expensive
The most convenient
More convenient
The best

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