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My English: Exercises - Proficiency 03

01 Are Ana and David in your English class?

Yes, she is.
Yes, he is.
Yes, she does.
Yes, they are.
Yes, they do.
02 What′s your mother′s occupation?

Yes, she is a doctor.
No, my mother is an engineer.
She′s at home now.
Yes, she is.
She′s a dentist.
03 Who are your teachers?

My teachers? They′re from the US.
Those two over there.
No, they′re not my teachers.
Yes, they′re my teachers.
They′re my favorite teachers.
04 Are you in my class?

Yes, I do. Every day.
Yes, on Tuesday mornings.
No, I don′t. I don′t study here.
No, you don′t.
Tuesday mornings.
05 Do you want to see a movie Friday?

That′s too late! How about earlier?
Next Sunday? Perfect!
Well, thanks, but that′s not for me. I hate movies!
I′d love to! I′m a big rock fan.
That′s past my bedtime. Sorry!
06 Excuse me. I′m looking for the Odeon Movie Theater.

Do you know the address?
Perfect! Where?
Where′s it?
I′d love to go but I′m busy now.
Too bad. Maybe some other time.
07 Where′s the concert?

On Sunday.
Very late.
See you then.
Near Fred′s house.
That′s not for me.
08 Are you free next Saturday?

No, you′re not.
Yes, I am.
Yes, you are.
Yes, I do.
No, it isn′t.
09 Your mother′s sister is your _______________ .

10 Does your brother look like you?

Yes, I like my brother very much.
Yes, my brother loves me!
My brother likes dancing.
No, he doesn′t like me very much.
No, like our father.
11 Tell me about your grandparents.

They′re my cousins.
Really? Why?
Sure! What do you want to know?
Oh, great!
Too bad.
12 Is your sister single?

Yes, she is.
No, she doesn′t.
Yes, I am.
Yes, I do.
Yes, she does.
13 Are you visiting your sister on the weekend?

Yes, I am. I′m staying there for a week.
Yes, it was great.
No, I′m at home now.
No, I don′t. I′m very busy.
Yes, I do. I love my sister!
14 Is Carol listening to music right now?

No, he doesn′t.
Yes, he does.
Yes, we are.
No, they don′t.
Yes, she is.
15 Hi, Carol! How′s it going?

By bus.
Fine, thanks.
I′m not going anymore.
Really? I′m sorry!
16 My computer is not working. It′s driving me crazy!

Great! What are you going to do now?
I′m sorry to hear that!
Good news!
Are you driving to your house?
Who′s crazy?
17 I′ll have the pasta, please. What does that come with?

A credit card.
And to drink?
Would you like an appetizer?
That′s seafood.
Soup or salad.
18 Excuse me! We′re ready to order.

What time?
Some tortillas, please.
19 _______________ anything in the fridge?

There is
Are there
Is there
There are
20 Is the soup spicy?

Not very.
Not many.

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