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My English: Exercises - Proficiency 02

01 A: What′s Robert doing now? B: _______________ .

She′s cleaning the room.
She cleans the room.
He′s reading the newspaper.
He reads the newspaper.
Robert does yoga.
02 A: Are they eating breakfast? B: _______________ .

Yes, it is.
No, it isn′t.
Yes, she is.
No, they aren′t.
Yes, breakfast is ready.
03 A: What does Mary do on Tuesdays? B: _______________ .

She plays tennis.
She doesn′t do it on Tuesdays.
Does she do it on Tuesdays?
She doesn′t play tennis on Tuesdays.
No, she does it on Fridays.
04 A: _______________ ? B: Twice a week.

Where do you play tennis?
Do you play tennis on Fridays?
What time do you play tennis?
How often do you play tennis?
Who do you play tennis with?
05 A: Do you always take the bus? B: _______________ .

Yes, it is.
No, it isn′t.
Yes, he does.
No, I usually walk.
No, she doesn′t.
06 A: What′s the weather like today? B: _______________ .

It′s hot and sunny.
I don′t like it.
I like it a lot.
It rains every day.
I doesn′t rain every day.
07 A: Should I call you back later? B: _______________ .

This is Laura. Hi.
Yes, thanks. Talk to you later.
Laura speaking.
08 Are there any eggs in the fridge?

There aren′t 6.
No, there isn′t.
That sounds delicious.
There is two.
No, there aren′t any.
09 How many cans of tomatoes are there on the shelf?

They are in the fridge.
There are 2 cans.
Yes, there are 2.
There are cans of tomatoes on the shelf.
No, there aren′t.
10 A: What are the children doing now? B: _______________ .

He′s watching TV.
They watch TV.
They′re watching TV.
Louise is listening to music.
Bob is playing soccer.
11 How about a fruit salad?

Fruit salad? That sounds delicious.
Yes, there is.
I′ll check.
No, there aren′t any.
I like fruits.
12 A: _______________ ? B: I was at home.

Where was he last night?
When were you last night?
How were you last night?
Where were you last night?
Were you at home last night?
13 A: What did you do last weekend? B: _______________ .

Not much. I go for a walk.
Not much. I went for a walk.
About the same.
My sister and I play volleyball.
It was great.
14 A: _______________ ? B: No, she didn′t. She took a bus.

Did you go to school by bus yesterday?
How did she go to school yesterday?
Did she take a taxi to school yesterday?
Does she go to school by bus?
How often did she take a bus last week?
15 A: Hey, Joe. What happened? B: _______________ .

I burn my finger.
I broke my arm.
I′m sorry to hear that.
I break my ankle.
Joe broke his ankle.
16 A: I have a headache. B: _______________ .

You should call a dentist.
I hope you can call the dentist.
What′s wrong?
Good Idea!
You should take an aspirin.
17 A: _______________ ? B: Yes, he can. But he doesn′t drive well.

Can your brother drive?
Can you drive?
Can he drive well?
What can he do well?
Can Mary drive?
18 A: Could you please turn on the light? B: _______________ .

Sure. No problem.
Yes, thanks.
That′s too bad!
Sure. What?
19 A: _______________ ? B: They grew up in Canada.

When did your parents grow up?
Where were your parents born?
Where did your parents grow up?
Why did they move to Canada?
When did your parents move to Canada?
20 A: When is your brother going to graduate? B: _______________ .

He′s going to graduate at USP.
He′s going to study Medicine.
Next year.
Yes. He′s going to graduate.

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