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My English: Exercises - Proficiency 01

01 Excuse-me. Are you Lisa?

Yes, you are.
Yes. I′m Laura.
No, I′m not. I′m Laura.
Yes, she is.
No, she isn′t.
02 How are you?

Good morning.
You′re fine.
I′m fine.
See you.
03 What do you do?

She′s a dancer.
He′s a singer.
You are a student.
I′m fine, thanks.
I′m an athlete.
04 A: _______________ ? B: Smith.

What′s your phone number?
What′s his last name?
Are you Tom′s teacher?
Is his last name Smith?
What′s his occupation?
05 A: Who′s Tom? B: _______________ .

He′s George.
I′m his friend.
He′s from Canada.
He′s my neighbor.
It is George′s.
06 A: _______________ ? B: Her phone number is 287-3358.

What′s your phone number?
What′s her phone number?
What′s his phone number?
Is her phone number 287-3358?
Is his phone number 287-3358?
07 A: What′s their address? B: _______________ .

They′re on 5th Street.
His address is 787 Oak Av.
Yes, it is.
Her address is 787 Oak Av.
It′s 787 Oak Av.
08 A: Excuse me. Is there a bank near here? B: _______________ .

Yes, there′s a bank across the street.
The bank is near here.
No, it isn′t.
Yes, it is.
Yes, there are.
09 A: Where′s the post office?

It′s a restaurant.
It′s around the corner.
Yes, there is.
No, there isn′t.
Yes, it is a post office.
10 A: Excuse me. How do I get to the train station? B: _______________ .

It′s down the street on the right.
Yes, there is a train station near here.
Yes, it is a train station.
No problem.
11 A: Where′s the mall? B: _______________ .

It′s across from the newsstand.
Don′t walk. Take a bus.
Yes, there is.
No problem.
Yes, there is a mall near here.
12 A: Who are they? B: _______________ .

They′re Brazilian.
They′re at home.
That′s my father.
He′s my father.
They′re Julie′s children.
13 A: How old is your brother? B: _______________ .

She′s 19.
They′re 19.
He′s 19.
Yes, he is.
Yes, he is my brother.
14 A: Tell me about your mother.

Well, he′s a doctor. He′s very tall.
Her mother is pretty and short.
She′s a lawyer. She′s pretty and short.
That′s my mother.
Your mother is right over there.
15 A: _______________ ? B: It′s at 10:00.

What time is it?
What time is English class?
Is it 10 o′ clock?
What time do you go to work?
Am I late?
16 A: _______________ ? B: Saturday.

What time is the party?
Where′s the party?
Is the party on Saturday?
What day is the party?
There′s a party on Saturday. Would you like to go?
17 A: Does Bob need a sweater? B: _______________ .

No, I don′t.
No, he doesn′t. He needs a sweater.
Yes, I do. I need a sweater.
No, he doesn′t. He needs a tie.
Bob likes sweaters.
18 A: _______________ ? B: I live at 993 Park Av.

Where′s the party?
Where does he live?
Where do you and Bob live?
Do you live at 993 Park Av?
Where do you live?
19 She lives _______________ an apartment. She works _______________ Saint Helen Hospital and her birthday is _______________ March.

on, in, at
on, at, in
in, at, in
in, at, at
on, on, at
20 _______________ two bedrooms in their apartment.

There is
Is there
Are there
They are
There are

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