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My English: Exercises - Los Angeles

01 We didnt know_______________________________.

what time the concert started
what time was the concert
what time did the concert start
what time starts the concert
02 The ___________________ the hotel, the ________________ it is.

best / the better
the better / the best
the most expensive / the best
more expensive / the better
03 I like boating.

and so can Bob
and so does Bob
Bob neither
neither does Bob
04 _______________________________ a perfectionist is that not everyone understands.

A problem about being
A problem in being
A problem of being
A problem with being
05 How do you read this number: 13, 567,903?

thirteen million five thousand sixty seven nine hundred three
thirteen million five hundred sixty seven thousand nine hundred three
thirteen millions five hundred sixty seven thousand nine hundred three
thirteen millions five hundred sixty seven thousands nine hundred three
06 The job offers great opportunities. ________________, the pay is low.

07 ___________________a good person, she has many faults.

Although she was
Despite being
Despite of being
Unless she was
08 Could you tell me __________________________________?

who this book was written by
who did write this book
who was written this book by
by whom written this book
09 The ___________________ she gets, the ____________________ she feels.

healthiest / most energetic
fatter / most excited
fattest / more energetic
healthier / more energetic
10 Jack has never hated mathematics.

So do I
So have I
Neither have I
Neither do I
11 _____________________after 30 is that your financial life is stabilized.

An advantage of marry
An advantage about marrying
An advantage of marrying
An advantage with marry
12 She _____________her work as voluntary vet on the weekends.

takes pride in
complies with
13 The kids _______________ by a shrill voice coming from the basement.

were concerned
were interested
were startled
were taken
14 If something is a stretch, it is___________________.

not feasible due to time
worn out
too loose
tighter than normal
15 I went to the Amazon, took pictures and saw everything _________________.

single handedly
16 Another way of saying "I´ve been racking my brain" is….

Ive been thinking really hard about
Ive been scratching my head
Ive been having a hard time
Ive been having headaches
17 I can never ____________ what doctors write on their prescriptions.

make up
make out
make up for
make from
18 Principal Zuckerfluff ________________ when the bees started to chase him.

19 Many teachers today cannot __________________ their students disruptive attitudes.

put up with
put away
put out
put by
20 We dont advertise on TV, on the radio or the internet. We only rely on _________.

dirty words
word of mouth
word of the day

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