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My English: Exercises - Chicago

01 Not looking at ___________ in the mirror is a sign of low self-esteem.

02 I havent yet ________________ up early.

gotten used to get
used to get
been used to getting
gotten used to getting
03 Anna Nicole _______________ her husband _____________ her a new Porsche.

made / to buy
made / buy
makes / to buy
will make / to buy
04 Brent didnt return my calls last week. He _____________________.

must be going on vacation
should be on vacation
wont have gone
must have been on vacation
05 Which of the following verbs are pronounced with a final /t/ sound?

arrived / played / worked / passed
practiced / worked / passed / crashed
studied / needed / passed / jumped
planted / enjoyed / asked / received
06 Which of the following verbs are pronounced with a final /d/ sound?

worked / passed / relieved / followed
killed / washed / watched / called
arrived / played / believed / pulled
jumped / talked / passed / invited
07 Which of the following verbs are pronounced with a final /Id/ sound?

arrived / planted / passed / needed
planted / needed / wanted / parted
washed / watched / played / wanted
pulled / pushed / arrived / wanted
08 By the end of the month, we ____________________________on the same project for more than two weeks.

will have been working
are working
will work
are going to work
09 If we had asked for directions, _______________________on time.

we would be
we had been
we were
we would have been
10 Dr. Brown always has his secretary ___________ patients some coffee when they are in the waiting room.

to offer
11 By the time the groom arrived at the church, the bride ________________ with the best man.

has eloped
was eloped
had eloped
had been eloping
12 Fernandas flouting skills are ____________________. She always amazes me.

off the charts
13 The board of directors decided to _______________on my research project.

take the plunge
give the run around
pull the plug
preach to the masses
14 You dont do anything around here; at least you could ____________ on the weekends.

pitch in
drop on
get by
lay off
15 What is the best synonym for "hit rock bottom"?

accomplishments achieved
a conquest in ones life
a very bad moment in ones life
strike forcibly
16 Because of the union foremans decision, there was a serious _________________ in the crowd.

17 What?s another way to say: "my business folded last year"?

My negotiations doubled in number
I had to shut my business down
My business was profitable
I refinanced my business the previous year
18 When you marry, life surely _____________________.

wears off
gets over
settles down
19 If you want to applaud a decision, you __________________________.

clap to the beat
20 In order to be part of the committee you need to _________________ a lot of hours.

put off
put in
put forward
put back

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